There are some places in the world that make you fall in love at first sight, and one of those magical places is the Shara Mountain. No matter if you are going for hiking, skiing, snowboarding or just enjoying the fresh air, the Ski Center Popova Shapka has everything to offer. But, make sure to stay over at least for one night – because when the crowd is leaving, the real magic awakens.

Here is our story of how we spent two wonderful days at Shapka…

The arrival

Upon arrival we were met by the smile and positive vibes of the people that work at the Ski Center and Hotel Slavija. There is no chance you will meet someone that is not pleasant and helping at this mountain, because the people that come here become friends with each other from the first moment they meet and start talking about the love they share. You will hear stories about exciting hikes, unbelievable powder lines, the beginnings of new friendships and loves, the wilderness of the mountain and the breath-taking landscapes that surround you. No matter if the story began 30 years ago or just yesterday, all these people have one thing in common – they always come back to this beauty, even if they have to travel miles and miles just for few days at Popova Shapka.

The adventurous ride through the hidden places of the mountain

On our first day at the Ski Center Popova Shapka we had great pleasure to be taken on an adventurous ride with a cat-ski to the most hidden and beautiful places of the mountain. The ride began at Hotel Slavija, through the back part of Ceripashina and to the place called Plat. We were so delighted by the things we saw, that we decided to write a special blog post dedicated to this very exciting trip. You can read more about it here! 🙂


The afternoon with the magnificent sunset colors and once-in-a-lifetime Super Moon

Before going back to our hotel, we had few hours to enjoy the Ski Center. Some of us used this time to snowboard on the near-by slopes, and others to tour the mountain bars. One of the biggest advantages of this center is that everything is near by, so your hotel room is just couple of minutes away from the first ski-lift.

After the well spent day we returned to Hotel Slavija, where we had lunch on the sunny terrace and enjoyed the last rays of light and a beautiful sunset with marvelous colors. This hotel has one of the best views of the mountain and the ski slopes, and it’s positioned so it gets most of the sun 🙂 Also, it is wonderful for enjoying the evening, especially if it is a warm and nice night as we were lucky to have, so we had the chance to explore the sky full of stars and the once-in-a-lifetime Super Moon. At this time, you will truly feel the peacefulness of Popova Shapka and its beauty in full glory. Add guitars and good company to this, and you will get back to this mountain like all of us will.

If you want more detailed description of our stay at Hotel Slavija and how to get there, please follow this link!

The view from Hotel Slavija

The next morning and the exploration of the ski conditions and pistes

There is nothing more beautiful than to wake up in the mountain and see the whiteness of the slopes from your bedroom window. And once you step on the balcony to feel the fresh air, you will be glad that you spent the night there instead of having to waste precious time in the car stuck in the city’s traffic trying to be first on the snow. Especially if you love winter sports as we do!

So, we decided to go down in the restaurant for breakfast and since it was very sunny and warm from the early morning, we used the opportunity to enjoy the hotel’s terrace once again. After our fix for coffee was satisfied and we had some eggs for energy boost, we got ready to try the fresh snow on the famous Ceripasina piste.

We began our ski (ok, more a snowboard) tour on the more easier slopes to get in shape, and some of us had the chance to try snowboarding for the first time. If you are a beginner and you want to perfect your style, Aerodrom is the slope you want to visit first when you get at Shapka.

If you want to learn more of the ski-conditions and the ski slopes of the Ski Center Popova Shapka, be sure to read it in more details on this other blog post!

ski slopes

The sad goodbye and the promise to come back

After the amazing day at the ski-pistes and free-ride experimenting we felt very exhausted and happy at the same time. We were re-telling every moment of the day over and over again while enjoying our last coffee at the mountain.

The saddest part of visiting Popova Shapka is when you have to leave and return to the city jungle. But, when you pack you bags and look back at the mighty peaks, you will make a promise to come back. And that is when a smile will stick on your face and it will stay there in the next few days for sure, if not longer.