During your trip to Krusevo you will definitely notice the architecture that will surround you everywhere you go through the city. Our suggestion is to bring your camera with you and just get lost through the narrow streets of the city, and step by step, behind every corner you can see some unique house or building

At the end of the 18th century Vlachs and Mijaks settled down in Krusevo. They were famous merchants, carvers and painters. ”The Krusevo house” is a mix of Vlach and Mijak architecture. The central part of the city it’s called “carsija” and it was always (now and in the past) the main meeting point between people. In this part of the city you can find the most important buildings in town like: hospital, church, post office and shops. Almost all the streets of the city bring you to the “carsija”. Around the carsija there are different neighborhoods.

The traditional Krusevo house has a ground floor and two floors, the house can have square, rectangular base, houses with a foundation in letter G and houses with the regular base. Most of the facades have vivid colors, like white – blue or yellow – white. They have many windows, balconies and verandas. The facades have different decoration, some of them have the year of construction, the name of the family, animals, plants, cross, birds etc.